Genuine Racing is a sim racing adventure which started with the creation of Framaris Racing in 2007 which was renamed Ready2Roll in 2009 after a failed merger with Redline Racing. In 2010 we've created GenR to allow 3 teams (Eteam, R4R and AA) to join us in one big organisation where we shared the same values, philosophies and resources.

Over the years as our drivers improved, our interest for more serious racing grew and league racing became the logical step forward. We started with the VR/CL 24h of SO4R where we placed two of our cars on the podium (first and third). The hunger for more brought us to the GTAL which was followed by our participation in every serious league and series LFS had to offer in the last 4 years. during the development of GenR, AA maintained high standard of racing and their servers were and are still very successful. The great friendship between the members was transformed into a racing family which grew considerably and soon we had more than 90 drivers representing most racing aspects in LFS (demo, S2, casual and professional racers) with 15 servers.

We started organising series with running public servers (R2R TBO, R2R GT2) where we hosted the Dailycious Series, a semi-public weekly championship which mostly had multiple seasons each year. During that time we also participated in the organisation of the LFS Endurance Series. With the main focus of the team slowly shifting to professionally organised league racing, GenR organised its first league with the GT1 Challenge which started in February 2012. The GT Masters series later that year would benefit from the things we had learned previously. The race weekends were more organised and the whole league had a more professional atmosphere about it. A trend was set and we went on with organising the FBM Championship, the Turbo Trophy, the GTi Trophy and a joined venture with Heroes of Racing for the New Endurance Challenge.

Sadly due to the lack of development in LFS the community changed and many moved on to new simulators, teams became more and more inactive. Of course we never really suffered of inactivity with so many drivers, but the whole concept of GenR started to make less sense, so at the start of 2014 we decided it was time to make a radical change. We are very proud of what we have achieved with GenR over the years and we want to allow it to continue for many more years as a multiplatform team. So the cooperation concept was abandoned along with the R2R and R4R names and AA moved back to their original forum with regained motivation and objectives for demo racing. All the remaining drivers joined the GenR team to prepare the transition to a new simulator and the downsizing of our LFS operations. This restructuring of GenR as a team with a smaller group of people will allow us to set new objectives and prepare the team for the future.

The adventure continues.....